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Chris Sniezak

Chris is, or has been, a Podcaster, Writer, Game Designer, Kickstarter Runner, Con Director, Audio Editor, Audiobooks Reader, Graphic Designer, and Gamer. He wears all the hats and now a pointy red one. If you're liking what you're reading you can find more of his work on Encoded Designs or at Misdirected Mark Productions.


The BBC Method of Story Arcing: Part 1

If you’re an American you’re probably accustomed to monster of the week, crime of the week, whatever of the week, kinds of storytelling in our long form TV dramas. For those of us who are a little older we are used to the Chris Carter method of the X-Files, a number of one off episodes concerning the X-Files with five or so meta plot episodes concerning the alien conspiracy. We’re also used to twenty plus episode seasons of shows because that’s how they’re ordered for American TV. What this means in our roleplaying games is we tend to try...

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The Eight Types of Fun

There’s no such thing as wrong bad fun. Gnome “emeritus” Walt Ciechanowski likes to say there’s no such thing as wrong bad fun. I love that statement. I also believe he’s right. Unfortunately, fun is often subjective and hard to describe something that’s fun to someone unless they know your tastes and preferences. It’s why we use games we enjoy playing to let people know what kind of fun we like to have. In my last article I talked about a few ways to help you find your fun. Here are the 8 kinds of fun that we all...

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Play Better Games, Damn It!!!

Hello Gnomes and gnome adjacent affiliates, and gnome fans, and gnome readers. And the person or group I missed–hello to you too. My name is Chris Sniezak and I say Play Better Games, Damn It!!! It is a philosophy I live by as I am always trying to improve the experience of play that I’m getting out all gaming activities. You can always play a game, play it well, and have fun with it. That’s fine. For you. Not for me. It’s not enough to play a game and have fun with it. I need to take it one...

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