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J.T. Evans

J.T. started role playing at the tender age of 10 years old one sweltering Texas afternoon. Since that fateful day he has eaten his way through dozens (maybe even hundreds!) of different systems in search of great and different tastes. When not sitting at the gaming table, he works at a Day Job keeping computers secure and writes fantasy stories in his spare time.


One PC Games

Most groups getting around a table consist of 4-6 players (sometimes more!) and a game master. The players sometimes cycle in and out of the group, creating a strange dynamic for the game master. Then are times when groups atrophy because of people moving away, work schedules changing, or other commitments pulling them away from the table. In the past, I’ve had gaming groups drop to two people: one player and the game master. This is usually the final nail in the coffin for the gaming group, and most folks dissolve the group at this point. However, role playing...

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Passing Notes In Class

While the players around the table are generally on the same side and trying to cooperate to accomplish a common goal, there are times when secretive or contentious actions need to take place between the characters. There are a few reasons for this, and when done properly, these secret notes can add some spice to the game. Just be careful with them. Players don’t mind it so much when the GM keeps them in the dark, but they get very suspicious (rightfully so) when a fellow comrade in arms begins to keep things from the other players. Passing the...

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Hireling to Hero

A few years ago, I was running a game in the midst of a deep dungeon delve. As things go with these delves, a character in the group died. The character had hired a faithful hireling and dutifully kept him alive. The hireling was more than just a backpack-carrying torch bearer. The PC treated the NPC as more than a stat block that existed to reduce his encumbrance. When the character died, we didn’t want to break the continuity of the storyline we had going on and drop a new character in without explanation. We also didn’t want to...

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Are you gaming, narrating, or simulating?

When it comes to role playing, there are many styles of players, game masters, and games out there. We’ve all got different labels for these different parts of the hobby. Generally speaking, these styles and stereotypes can be boiled down to three different categories: gaming, narrating, simulating. Gaming In this category we find the question, “How do I win?” As many of us can espouse, getting together to have a good time is “winning the game.” For others, there needs to be a defined in-game mechanic wrapped around the gameplay to define the top dog at the end of...

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