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Tracy was introduced to Basic D&D back in 1988, but didn’t really play and RPGs until D&D 3rd Edition came out. Since then, he’s ventured far and wide across different types of game. He loves indie games and how they empower players, and will always have a soft spot for D&D. In addition to blogging here, Tracy co-owns Exploding Rogue Studios and has published three of his own games in addition to some freelance credits. If you dig his work, you can support his Patreon at:


The GM’s Principles, and the First Session

In my last post I went through an introduction to Apocalypse World. I’d been running Deadlands Reloaded for my group, including one session of a Fate conversion of the setting. However, I’d realized that I’m not comfortable being responsible for that much setting information. I like the organic nature of how the setting is built in Apocalypse World. Yesterday, I had a chance to do character creation with my group in preparation for our first session. And I’ve not forgotten how I left off my last post. I got some good comments about the Agenda and Principles in Apocalypse...

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The GM’s Agenda and Principles

I’m in a position I’m sure anyone who has run a game has been in before: my group is probably going to move on from the Deadlands Fate game that I’ve been working on. And honestly? I’m fine with that. Since I started that Deadlands game, I’ve found that I have a strong preference for games that intrinsically support player agency in the world and setting building. It’s not that you can’t have that kind of setup with Deadlands, but I didn’t approach it that way. So what’s next? Well, if you know anything about games that are Powered...

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Deadlands to Fate – The Thrill of Skills

The first test of my conversion of Deadlands Reloaded to the Fate rules set went really well, better than I expected. I had hoped that the rules changes would be able to keep the feel of Deadlands while giving my group a set of mechanics that we were more comfortable with. If you want a quick overview of my initial goals, you’ll find my first post here. This post is going to mainly focus on the Skills, with a few words about Powers, Edges, and Hindrances. Skills, or, How to Do What You Do The first thing I wanted...

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Mod It, Change It, Twist, Adapt It

This is the start of a series of posts about hacking game systems and adapting one system to fit the setting of another. There’s some lead-up to the meat in this one, so I hope you’ll bear with me. Think about your favorite setting. Think about what you love about it, what makes it special, what makes you want to go back session after session. Now think about your favorite game system. Think about how the mechanics work, how it engages your gamer brain, what makes you go back to it session after session. Are the two linked? If...

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