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Want to write for Gnome Stews? We accept guest articles, and we’d love to hear your proposal.

Here’s a bit more context around why we dig guest articles. You can also read our first guest article, Don’t Waste My Time: Tips for Keeping Your Games Moving, and check out all articles by guest authors.

How to Submit an Article Proposal

  1. Fill out the Article Proposal Form below. Fill in the relevant details, elevator pitch, and the article outline. This helps us figure out how the final article will look.
  2. Wait for a reply. We’ll respond as soon as possible, but don’t panic if it takes a little while (or even a long while, we’re running background checks on you).
  3. Write the article if it’s accepted. Over email we’ll tell you if we’re accepting the article, if we need some changes, or if it doesn’t quite fit the Stew’s tone.  We’ll then put you through a secret ritual (and by ritual we mean webform) where you can write your final article and format it.
  4. We’ll review the article. We’ll review the article and make minor edits, graphical tweaks, or we’ll ask you to make changes yourself and resubmit it.
  5. We’ll schedule the article. Then we’ll schedule the article in our guest article queue. We use guest articles to fill gaps, add extra content during peak times, or because they are relevant to a certain time constraint.

That’s the process! It doesn’t matter whether this is the first thing you’ve ever written about gaming or the 500th, or whether you’re an RPG blogger, professional writer, or just a gamer who enjoys gaming blogs — if you have a good idea, and you can convey it well, we’re interested!

Legal Stuff

By submitting an article proposal, you grant Gnome Stews the unlimited, non-exclusive right to publish your article on GnomeStew.com in perpetuity. That means you can post or otherwise use your article elsewhere, but we can keep it posted here forever.

We do not generally provide compensation for guest articles.

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The Elevator Pitch helps us see the meat of the article, but the outline gives us the skeleton, as well as giving some upfront consideration to how the article will look in its final format. Don't worry about being super detailed, just give us a taste of how the article will feel and flow and fill in a few notes or lines that describe the content or focus of the sections.

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